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Who is zant.?

Finding support can be daunting.

zant. provides access to mental health services for individuals who might not have access otherwise. zant.'s mission is to create a simpler approach to support with direct collaboration and communication between highly-skilled providers and experts for those who need their services most.

At zant., we understand that finding the "fit" can be a daunting task. That is why we offer 25 specialty focus areas across 50 states and territories; to service a variety of needs without extensive online searching. With our convenient mobile app, you can sort through a large network of providers, select specialty area tags that best fit your current needs, schedule a session that is already available, and manage your payment to make the process as seamless as possible.

zant. was inspired by our founder's struggle to find support after losing a loved one to suicide in 2017.
"I had just lost a close friend to suicide and needed to see someone, but was shocked when I finally found someone I thought could help and they were $150 per session. I thought I hit another dead end until he offered his services for $10 per session."

zant. is dedicated to all of those who have lost their life to suicide, to all of the families and friends who have been deeply affected as well as all of those who are struggling. We want to be a resource for those in need to prevent those struggles from progressing and create a safe space to find support with ease.

If you're struggling and in need of mental health support, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help.

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Maggie Rose


Darien Watson
Provider Development


Logan Kurdes
Marketing Director


Jake Ciccarelli
Public Relations


Stephanie Galvez
Social Media


Charlie Diana
Public Relations


Essiel Vega
Lead Software Developer


Anastasia Kai
Lead UI/UX Designer

The story behind zant.

Built for you, by people who care.

We have experienced great loss and struggled to find someone who can help. We want to be the resource for you or a friend you know.