not everyone has a mental illness everyone has mental health.

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If you aren’t struggling, you know someone who is.


of adults with mental illness do not receive treatment


of adults with mental illness do not receive treatment


of adults with mental illness do not receive treatment

That’s why we built zant

We believe mental health should be accessible to everyone

zant is fueled by a bold vision: a world where mental health support is easily accessible and free from stigma. With relentless innovation and a deep commitment to user satisfaction, we strive to lead the way in transforming the mental health landscape, empowering individuals and providers alike.

Enabling you to take control of your journey

At zant, we believe in putting you in control of your own mental health journey, empowering you to navigate and customize your experiences to meet your unique needs and goals.

zant was born out of the loss of a life to suicide in 2017 - our founder and CEO, Maggie Rose Macar’s story.

After losing a close friend and experiencing the struggles of accessing mental health support as a college student, Maggie Rose was given a rare and life-changing opportunity to work with a professional for only $10 per session. Not out of a program, but out of the goodness and investment of the provider. At the core of a fragmented system comes roadblocks from high-cost, limited options, lack of awareness, long waiting periods, and the stigma that still surrounds mental health services within this country.

Our Founding Team

Maggie Rose Macar


Anthony Diprizio


Jake Ciccarelli


Megan Gaido

Communication assistant

Emily McEntee

Creative designer

Shaylyn Parsley

Recruitment & operations

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