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Unleash the power of our expansive network, forging deep connections with compassionate and inspiring professionals from traditional and alternative fields. Equip yourself with the tools to overcome life's challenges, unlocking your true potential to thrive and embrace a life of profound fulfillment.
Life Coach
Leadership Coach
Health Coach
Trauma-Informed Counselor
Nutritionist / Dietitian
Health & Wellness Coach
Substance Abuse Counselor
Addiction & Recovery Counselor
Licensed Therapist
Maria Hudak
Health & Life Coach
Ashlie Price
Certified Self-Love & Connection Coach
Dr. Jennifer Culver
Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
Dre Olsen
Health & Habit Coach
Marshall Zweig
Trauma-Informed Interpersonal Coach
Nikki Castle
Certified Life Coach
Dawne Christine
Trauma & Belief Systems Specialist
Benjamin Scott
Certified Life Coach
Susy Fischer
Certified Life Coach
Theresa Pidcock
Executive & Leadership Coach

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We're on a bold mission to deliver affordable, hassle-free mental health services to those in need across the USA. Our unwavering commitment extends to individuals, higher education, and companies of all sizes, empowering them with wellness programs.
We are on a mission to bring low-cost and headache-free mental health services to those in need across the USA.
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A community for mental health professionals, offering them unparalleled access to management tools, a wealth of educational resources, and a myriad of other valuable assets including PR services, all conveniently available in one centralized platform.
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We offer schools comprehensive wellness programs to support student needs like burnout, stress management, anxiety, and addiction, while also providing companies with tailored programs to enhance productivity, motivation, and self-care management for their employees.
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