Our wellness program for institutions is a trusted source for students and employees, providing a comprehensive range of services designed to facilitate productivity, foster happiness, and support overall well-being.
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Mental health services play a crucial role in various settings, including workplaces and educational institutions. They contribute to creating positive environments, reducing burnout, and enhancing job satisfaction in the workplace. Similarly, in schools, these services nurture students' well-being, support academic success, and foster healthy social connections.

3 in 5 employees said that they have experienced negative impacts of work related stress.

A majority of employees think actions from their employer would help their mental health.

Many mental health conditions first appear in youth  and young adults, with 75% of all conditions beginning by age 24.

42% of students in a 2021 survey have felt persistently sad or hopeless.

Give your employees or students mental health support

Mental health is invaluable. Prioritizing emotional well-being fosters resilience, empathy, and fulfillment, creating a healthier and happier society.
Life Coaching
Leadership & Executive Coaching
Eating Disorder Support
Health & Wellness Coaching
Trauma-Informed Counseling
Nutritionist / Dietitian
Substance Abuse Counseling
Addiction & Recovery Counseling
Traditional Licensed Therapy

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Instantly launch your group with our dashboard and start utilizing our comprehensive wellness program and services. Kickstart your employees or students with free sessions and immediate access. Emphasize mental well-being by granting exclusive entry to an extensive collection of articles and services that actively combat the stigma around seeking support.

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Streamline the management of your organization's wellness program using zant's powerful dashboard. Take control of seat allocation, member invitations, data tracking, analysis, and actively contribute to supporting the well-being of your students.
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