not everyone has
a mental illness
everyone has
mental health.


of college students experienced moderate to serious psychological distress in 2022.


of students surveyed said they experience suicidal ideation- the highest rate in 15 years


of Gen Z youth feel mental health support is unaffordable.

If you aren’t struggling,
you know someone who is.
That’s why
we built zant
We believe mental health
should be accessible to everyone
zant is fueled by a bold vision: a world where mental health support is easily accessible and free from stigma. With relentless innovation and a deep commitment to user satisfaction, we strive to lead the way in transforming the mental health landscape, empowering individuals and providers alike.
Enabling you to take control of your journey
At zant, we believe in putting you in control of your own mental health journey, empowering you to navigate and customize your experiences to meet your unique needs and goals.
zant was born out of the loss of a life to suicide in 2017 - our founder and CEO, Maggie Rose Macar’s story.

After losing a close friend and experiencing the struggles of accessing mental health support as a college student, Maggie Rose was given a rare and life-changing opportunity to work with a professional for only $10 per session. Not out of a program, but out of the goodness and investment of the provider. At the core of a fragmented system comes roadblocks from high-cost, limited options, lack of awareness, long waiting periods, and the stigma that still surrounds mental health services within this country.

Our Leadership Team
Maggie Rose Macar
Jake Ciccarelli
Anthony Diprizio
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What they are saying
zant is incredible
Apple Review
Never have I ever been in a first session and thought that my perspective could shift so much. I had an incredible therapist / life coach (Dr. Mei) that taught me more about myself in one session than years of therapy had in the past. I was reluctant to try a new app with a new person, etc., but I’m really really so glad I did. I have more hope, and I’m starting to feel like myself again. This was so worth it, and I highly recommend to anyone seeking help or feeling like they want to give up. This app chooses the RIGHT kind of providers that are so proactive in helping you and in the way you need!
Apple Review
I am writing today to offer my strongest possible endorsement of Zant and Kauri Duvall as a behavioral Health Consultant.She has helped me with PTSD and with facing fear and how to learn how to love someone in a way that shows them that you love them and not just in a way that you understand how to love someone. I firmly believe that Kauri is one of the best Behavioral health Consultants in the business, and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone in need of her services. zant helped connect her. It’s a wonderful platform.
Super Easy to Use and Affordable
Apple Review
At first I was hesitant to join another mental health platform to find a professional that could help me. However, the way the app helps you find a good match is super helpful. Free consultations were great for finding a good match and also since I’m a student I don’t pay more than $25 a session. This was the best part since I can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars to get help. Highly recommend to anyone in a similar situation.
Apple Review
finally getting the support i need!
What Drives Us

We are focused on continuing to utilize and leverage technology to innovate the way providers and clients find one another and interact.


Founded and focused on one mission: impacting lives. Every team member shares in the passion to help those struggling on a national scale.


While we continue to grow, we are focused on offering quality services through our providers and a supportive community for all.


If we cannot share who we are and what we're doing with everyone, then we are doing a disservice to those who need us.


We are focused on continuous improvement, expanding our presence across the country, and increasing the number of lives we impact.


We cannot exist without our team. We believe in being vulnerable with one another, supporting one another, lending strength where it is needed, and always being a part of the team.