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Manage your practice like never before

zant is an all in one business solution for mental health providers as well as the business partner you need to navigate with in this virtual world.

A management tool and marketplace

With zant, you can easily manage your practice in one place with:

1. No more billing and invoicing: our providers get pre-paid before each session at the time that a session is scheduled

2. Simple to manage availability and scheduling: Once your availability is set (Weekly repeating and custom openings), a client can schedule a 30-60 minute session. You receive an alert and the details of your upcoming session will be found on your home screen!

3. Marketplace: as a provider, your profile will be visible to all clients that enter the app to begin their search. Your profile is filtered based on the clients specific needs. *Note: You can also opt-in to be a participating provider within school and company wellness programs*

Continued Education, Tools, & Resources

As a provider within our network, we want to contribute to more than the organization and growth of your practice. With our provider portal, you get direct access to upcoming trainings and workshops, certifications, courses, tools to better manage your practice and grow client relationships, resources and databases to better support yourself and your clients, and so much more.

Marketing and Advertisement

Today, providers are having more difficulty than ever before in a digital space that is over crowded and harder than ever to "break through the noise". We believe that each and every provider who joins our network and membership needs a certain level of marketing and advertisement to get directly in front of those who need your services most. Whether it's 4 weeks of 6 months, we are here to help you stand out in the crowd with marketing and advertisement efforts done for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see a Q and A that you're looking for? No worries! Contact us for more information.

How do I become a provider?
Contact us by emailing your resume to!
Are there specific qualifications or a vetting process to become a provider?
At zant, we hold our providers to the highest standards. Once a member of our team has reviewed your resume and application, our team will conduct a screening call and phone interview followed by license and certification verification, COI verification, and a thorough background check. We keep safety of our clients at top of mind and ensure all providers that enter into our network and membership are of high quality.
What is included in my membership?
As a zant provider, you will have access to (1) Your provider portal: offers access to additional learning resources, workshops, certifications, resources for you and your clients, network roster for referrals, tools to manage your practice, and more. (2) Marketing and press coverage, Google Ads, Custom work from social media ads to landing pages, and more depending on the membership that best fits your goals. (3) The zant marketplace: This is where you seamlessly build your profile, set/open your availability, and manage payments in one place for current clients and clients that find you directly through the app.
How much are the memberships?
Currently, zant offers three memberships for providers depending on their goals. (1) Essential Membership is $900 annually (2) Foundational Membership is $1650, billed annually
Does zant make a guarantee on clientele?
As a platform that is focused on specialty services, we currently do not make a guarantee no clientele. The amount of clients you service through zant is based on your availability, how "niche" your services are compared to current needs of clients, and your rates.
Does zant offer providers additional income sources or opportunities ?
Yes! If you are interested in participating in our school and corporate wellness programs as a provider or interested in becoming a trainer for our national workshops, please let us know! These are great ways to add additional sources of income as a provider within our network.